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Lands of my Forefathers (Feb 2014)

Delhi Outdoors – Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi (25 Jan 2014)

Some are calling it a man-made disaster fed by the corporate greed and disregard to the nature's power while some are accepting it as a bad blow of fate. Whatever the approach we take, the recent tragedy in the hill... Continue Reading →


Detoxifications and Felicity (Gongkar Choede Monastery Near Dehradun, March 2013)

Serenity Beckons – Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi

I saw this full page advertisement in the newspaper today and got to know that today is 'World Tourism Day'.  This post is dedicated to all those who are blessed with a zest for exploration, those who are not afraid... Continue Reading →

Karla Caves (August 19, 2012)

‘Aquaphillic’ – a picture story (26-27 May’ 2012)

PART 6: Kedarnath (27-28 April, 2012)

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