There is a mystical comfort in the incessant gurgles and splashes, swish-swish-swoosh-swoosh, of the river. It is like its currents can ablute off-and-away torturous burdens of the past and anxious palpitations of the future. Perhaps the constantly flowing waters carry the message of freedom, whispering in the ears as they pass by, “let go”. Somehow the river is an epitome of eternity and quite contrarily of transience too. The waters before have long swept by and so shall the waters now, yet the river will continue to flow. It seems it has flowed forever and yet it is never the same. May be it is owing to that inherent transcendence of the river that its sounds carry in them a blessing of peace to the weary mind. Company of a freely flowing river is no less purging than the company of the enlightened.

Let go!

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