When was the last time you woke-up and did not think of the tasks spilling over from yesterday  – emails still to be answered, reports still to be prepared, issues still to be resolved or whatever tasks are involved in your line of work?

Now imagine a waking up and spending the next quarter or half hour or maybe even more (how does it matter – you own your days!) dreamy eyed still in bed and tuning into the pleasant sounds of the morning. A waking up that does not leave you wanting for more sleep; rather it fills you with excitement of a brand new day.

I have my fair share (trust me a lot of fairness is involved) of the former. But I feel fortunate that time and again I can escape into the latter as well. I had some very gratifying waking ups, coasting through days, and giving into soothing slumber last week when I revisited my ancestral home in the Gangetic plains. At this time when the winter is almost past and crop is ready for harvest, every sight is a treat for mind-body-and-soul. Most importantly, I experienced the joy of simple things.

A brand new day - a brand new chance to tread my own path, face my own obstacles and write my own destiny.

~ The ephemeral moment when the sky is rendered vermilion at dawn, the silvery luminescence of water bodies, the diamond like adornment of every leaf blade, the unlimited azure over jade of wheat fields, a dusty path – it is the many simple treats of bucolic vista that have a way of filling the heart with a song and the mind with deeper reflection. Well, my heart is in a concert already! 

those who dive deeper catch pearls, those who look closer discover beauty :)

~With every dawn there is a promise of a brand new day – a brand new chance to tread my own path, face my own monsters and to create my brand new life.

countryside4_punampal copy

~A beauty of divine proportions is spread all around us, there is a magic happening all the time. As it takes a deeper dive to reach for the grandest pearls, it takes a closer look at just the right moment to witness this divinity, this magic.

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~The swaying of crop in the farmers land is a promise of better tomorrows. Destitution is perhaps just a state of mind – the state of greed; we certainly have all that we need.

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~It is in the calmest of moments that I have seen time drift by – times passed and times yet to unfold, what I had and what I will hold.

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~The roads may sometimes be lonely but I will have company so long as I see where am headed and where I step.

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~A sight so beautiful that it emancipates – to believe in unexplored capabilities and endless possibilities.

Ahh, beauty inspires!

-Much Love.

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