I am in love with Delhi, a city of cities – for thousands of years many men have wandered to this land struck by misfortune or chasing their dreams – shaping, merging and raising it from the ruins, and leaving their mark as they come and vanish into the ever-fleeting time…  and thousands years later still thousands continue to throng, everyday.

One such man was Humayun whose great-grandson Shahjahan gave the world its grandest mausoleum – the Taj Mahal. Many may not know though that the mausoleum of Humayun at Delhi is the predecessor of a trend which culminated in Taj Mahal.

A few weekends back on a drive back to home from Noida, we decided to make a stop at the mausoleum of this man, the Humayun’s Tomb. The weather was cold and the city was still under a blanket of fog that was adding a mysterious charm to all landscapes. So I set out to freeze some of those sights for my collections and for you.

Many seasonal cycles and thousands of clicking later, the love still grows — I am in love with Delhi. Are you too?

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