It is Bloom-time!!! and it’s a must to visit many of the gardens in Delhi and revel in the beauty of the season.

As it happened over the past few months, I did not get much chance to explore newer faraway places except for some more rafting trips to Rishikesh. There are plans, but then there always are plans. However, this is the perfect time to cherish the beauty of the city, I have called home, intermittently, over the years. Hence, I spent last weekend soaking in the colors of bloom in some of the most beautiful gardens of Delhi – the Mughal Gardens and the Lodhi Garden. With over 50 species of flowers in bloom presently, the Mughal Gardens is a beautiful collection of native as well as foreign flower species. The only problem is that you can just witness it for yourself as photography is strictly prohibited in this immaculately dressed landscape in the estates of the President of India.

Lodhi Gardens on the other hand, welcomes all with open arms, without restrictions of season, time or equipment. Sharing with you  some beauty I witnessed and some thoughts it inspired at this fragment of history thriving hand-in-hand with the present:

Shish Gumbad, Lodhi Gardens New Delhi - Feb 2013
Shish Gumbad – a tomb built during the rule of Lodhi Sultans (1451-1526)

Past shines with even more magnificence when the days are setting, as does this tomb on a February twilight .

Flowers in Lodhi Garden, New Delhi (Feb 2013)
Bed of Dahlia’s in spectacular bloom

When the winters recede to the mountains up North, when the Sun embalms the frosty grounds, the Earth awakens and smiles…. making billions of buds transform into an explosion of color.


Birds of Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi (Feb 2013)
Trees flowering parrots 😉

When the green occupants of the garden saw that these trees have lost their foliage and miss the color green, they embraced them with playful love, rendering some of their own.

Athpulla – the bridge with 8 arches

Bridges are not just bridges between two places, sometimes they are the ‘time machines’, as this one taking you on a tour of times past.

A picturesque pathway

Journey is the Destination.


They sat in a group, brilliant and laughing, as I passed by they said “come sit with us for a while…..”

Just don’t stay home, explore, dream, discover. 🙂