Summers are bad in Delhi, very bad – its just scorching and sizzling everywhere, and girls hadn’t had fun for sometime. Hence, on a 105.8 degrees afternoon, our little ‘gang of girls’ headed for Rishikesh.

Now, everything seems wrong here – first, it seems too hot and second, starting in afternoon, really? But, we were certain we will make it and make it thorough fun.

Long story short – we crossed Delhi border by 2:00 PM, we were constantly getting stuck in traffic after Meerut by-pass,  and we reached our destination (~20 kms farther than Rishikesh) by 9:00 PM. For those who are not aware, the last entry time at Rishikesh Checkpoint is 8:00 PM. We were in luck, as traffic was negligible after Rishikesh city and we were not stopped at the checkpoint.

We stayed in the same camps on the Ganga banks, which I stayed in during my previous excursions. The plan was to –

1. Enjoy the ride from Delhi to Rishikesh, 2. Enjoy the evening on the Ganga banks, 3. Enjoy the morning rafting run, 4. Enjoy the ride back to home

This time nothing went as per the plan except for one – having the fun!

Reliving and sharing with you some fun-filled moments we had —

[9:00 PM] Unboarded – it will another be 500 meters downhill tread in dark of the night to reach the campsite
[6:00 AM] The morning tea
[6:30 AM] we just wanted to play on and on.. Chetna making futile efforts to drag ’em out of the water
[around 6:30 AM] Geetanjali – In her element
[around 6:30 AM] The sacred shores
[7:00 AM]500 meters back to road
[8:00 AM] All hands on board.. err…on oar!
[8:00 something AM] Contemplating the plunge
[10:30 AM] Washing off the sands – a small spring falls in Ganges at Shivpuri – it feels warm in here after the freeze of the Ganges!
[10:30 AM] Making the splash
[11:00 AM] Well, that was fun!
Hope you liked our picture story.

Cheers and have fun!