Another vacation is on the horizon and I am getting excited by the day: 9 Days – 11 Destinations – and – numerous scenic spots comprising of treks, waterfalls, melting glaciers, lakes, geysers, river origins, bike paths, temples, all in the beautiful district of Rudraprayag of Uttaranchal state of India. For easy reference, lets call it ‘the next big one’.

on the agenda

In India, we have recently come out of hibernation* and winters have resulted in unwanted layers of fat. Since, my lifestyle does not allow me a stricter workout routine, and also, my tendency to get bored easily makes me rather of  ‘steal a jog this morning, a walk that afternoon’ kinds, a vacation planned around a lot of trekking serves me right. Hence, I will be headed northwards in Himalayas – moving with the famed Ganges river and later beautiful Mandakini across lush meadows and sleepy hamlets, burning the winter fat with each step. A chance to photograph scenic moments, a visit to some religious shrines are just the add-ons.

*We don’t get much winters but we make sure to indulge in delight-sin-ful winter food comprised mostly of deep fried delicacies in whatever winter we get. Also, the onset of winter season begins with much feasting owing to the Hindu festival of Diwali, followed by New Year and ends with another Hindu festival of Holi.

I have been thinking of going on this trek for 6 months – yes, I already have identified my options for next next ones in 2012. 🙂

Most of the essential requirements have been taken care of  for ‘the next big one’-

  • Basic research – check
  • Leave arrangements and official backups – check
  • Hotels – check
  • Team members – check
  • Itinerary – check

To share with you, I started planning 2 months in advance which gives ample time to take care of essentials and avoid any last minute of surprises. In my next post I will share with you more details on the essentials and some of the common issues that cropped up in the organizing phase.

Take Care Till Then.